INCH² design & quality


INCH2 footwear has been developed by our designer Olga Peterson. She has been part of fashion industry for many years. Besides her work in fashion magazine Pastaiga, and her architecture studies in London, Olga used to write her personal fashion blog. The idea of shoe production started in London. It’s a city where people love to walk a lot and enjoy the city’s metropolis. The creators of INCH2 realized that there are two types of shoes: design shoes and comfort shoes, but the established INCH2 brand is the result of a combination of both, which can be worn universally at different clothing styles. INCH2 designed shoes are exceptionally crafted to make a visual impression on your leg. All INCH2 shoes have been develop starting with designer visualization, the first sketches, colour and material selection till the first prototypes and very close cooperation with exceptionally skilful craftsmen.


One of the qualities of INCH2 shoes is genuine design. The products are controlled by limited availability; they are not mass produced. With meticulous craftsmanship, INCH2 aims to make available originally crafted shoes that flatter the customer overall personality. INCH2 shoes are handcrafted with painstaking detail and discipline. A shoe production starting from drawing a design ending with crafting and production involves over 800 manual operations for each shoe pair. INCH2 has a professional team to check the quality of the products, so the quality of the products can be guaranteed. INCH2 collaborates with one of the best Portuguese footwear factories that have been in business for almost a century. Shoe masters have a lot of experience and inherited knowledge for many years. Our designer visits the factory in Portugal for follow-ups on sampling and production processes regularly.


We should admit that INCH2 product evolution period has been challenging and only the last years we are glad about our achieved results. We had to develop our own quality standards as many manufacturers failed to meet our requirements. We have experienced our INCH2 product evolution process and appreciate the experience that we gained during the process..